Wanted side rail for granddaughters bed.
In need of a day bed with trundle for guest sleeping.
Looking for any glass/plexi/tempered or plastic display case I can use to sell my collection. I don't have much money currently but I know i can make more than I am now if I just display my items properly. Anything helps! Thank you
I am looking for 4 oz glass spice bottles to go into a spice rack I have that is missing its bottles thanks. :-)
Hi everyone!! I am in need for some pallets or scrap/ unwanted wood . Please let me know if you have any. Thanks!!
I am looking for opaque, clean, empty plastic food grade containers preferably with lids but can use ones without lids also. Size can be varied but must be opaque (non-see through) and food grade (not previously containing chemicals such as laundry detergent bottles) Examples: juice jugs large sour cream containers pickle jars shake mix containers almond milk jugs
Needs to be 2.7 cu. ft. or slightly larger. commonly used for students or shop use.
Looking for one a spare mounted on 16 inch rim for Cadillac Deville 225/60-R16, or a "donut spare" or just a spare 16 inch rim, (So I get can get a spare mounted. Or if you have 5 rims 16 or 17. (yeah I know). I just bought a 2001 deville and the spare tire is well aged. (I am buying four new tires, or five sheesh). Thanks...
need one for the camper, and they don't make it anymore
**Edited to comply with guidelines** Shortened subject/removed backstory. I need a belt and high heels. I am a size 9 or 8 and half shoe. And I am about 175 lbs. I'm not sure what size I am. Also looking for work clothes , I will be working at a restaurant so non slip black shoes and black dress pants and not sure about shirts yet. Thank you and God Bless you.
I own a 75 gallon fish tank and need a proper stand to set it on
Have need for suspenders, used or unpaired will work fine. Appreciate any help.
If anyone has or knows someone that has a working Soclean CPAP cleaner machine that they are not using, please contact me by text or email 352-five nine eight-four 798
need four sheets of sheetrock to finish project. Ad number: #374344296 Contact: dennis City: Ocala Zip: 34480 Price: free
Looking for a working Window AC Unit, I can clean it, that is no problem. I just got a new one, but it needs a new window frame and the part is not in stock anywhere! I will even take extra fans!
Looking for pallets or hardwood in good condition. I am trying to build a small (not long lasting) dock for my kids to fish off of.
in need of a working window units we just moved here and the place has no air
Description: I need a PCM from a manual 2.2 ECOtec engine. 'Nuff said
In need of refrigerator. Anyone have one not in use? Much appreciated. Can pick up at your convenience. Thank you!
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